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Movie update and book covers

Hey all, I made contact with someone who makes book covers, and they sent me a couple. They look way better than anything I can make and I am really excited to have these. Check them out below. I’m trying to decide which to use, and have little visual artistic ability, so please let me know which you like.

Unhooked cover 1 Unhooked cover 2 Unhooked cover 3 Letters To My Father cover 1 Letters To My Father cover 2 Letters To My Father cover 3

Concerning the movie, I’ve exchanged a couple emails with the directer, and work has started on converting the book to the script. If you guys want to speed the process along feel free to send some love/harassment to . Thanks for all the support, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


Unhooked is now available for download!

Unhooked has just been accepted by Amazon and is available for download at:

It has been a remarkable journey writing this book, and I am glad to finally have a finished product. Thank you to all the people who made this possible through their fabulous outpouring of support, especially the fantastic community at  This book is for you guys.

I am also having the book made available for free under published works. There is a PDF copy which you can forward to a kindle account, or just read download the PDF copy and read it that way. Here is Amazon’s page for getting a PDF file onto your kindle account This PDF is a more highly polished version than the episodic version available under novellas. I would like to have the Amazon version be free as well, but that’s not possible with how Amazon’s publishing system works.

Once again, it has been a truly fantastic experience. Thank you to everyone for taking this journey together.

Until the next journey,