“Letters to my father part six” The conclusion to this tale of time travel, family, and love.

“Letters to my father part five” Dad’s family life takes front and center as a crisis develops

“Letters to my father part four” It’s time for dad to learn how to talk to girls as Sarah walks him through the basics of courtship.

“Letters to my father part three”  Dad embarks on a new set of quests to learn a certain skill that will help him reconnect with his younger sister.

“Letters to my father part two” Dad finds himself fighting with the great outdoors as he starts attacking the next set of tasks his daughter has set for him.

“Letters to my father part one” A man discovers a chest written from his daughter. He doesn’t have a daughter.

“Unhooked part five” The story reaches its final conclusion with guns, napalm, pills, and of course, plenty of plot twists.

“Unhooked part four” Things escalate as Ryan comes to grip with his new place in life, and finds a purpose

“Unhooked part three” Ryan’s family is still hooked, in this installment Ryan tries to free them, and is forced to deal with the consequences of that action.

“Unhooked part two” Ryan finds that the joys of real life are so much more intense than in the dream world, but so are the fears.

“Unhooked part one” In the future everyone spends 20 hours a day using pills to experience lucid dreams. One man becomes bored with playing in his own private world, and steps out into the real world.

“Man out of Time” A serial killer gets a second chance at life, after he’s served his 1680 year term-

“For use in the Apocalypse” Novella version. A man finds a capsule that will help him reclaim a piece of civilization-





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