Thought experiments

Salutations old bean! Hast thou considered the ramifications of possessing infinite knowledge? Or perchance you wonder what exactly would transpire during a mixing of video games and reality? Of course thou hast! So put on a top hat and twirl your moustache. It’s time for some thought experiments.

Arguing your way into heaven- A man meets an injustice at the pearly gates and puts up a fight.

A medical student surgically attaches google glasses and a micro computer to their face- They are called to the dean’s office when their test scores suddenly become too good overnight

Aliens offer technology, but at a great cost- It could save countless lives, but is it worth the price?

Iroh’s inaugural address- Uncle Iroh is elected president of the United States.

Last men standing- The last two men alive have a showdown.

A question of eyes- A man discusses his upgraded cybernetic eyes with his non-augmented friend.

Who gets to survive the apocalypse?- A group of old chaps have a bit of a discussion concerning the survival of the human race.

Serial killer rom com- A brace of repeat homicidal maniacs have a lovely dinner together.

The actual love drug- Zounds! Scientists have discovered how to make people fall in love with each other. This young couple was not prepared for the ramifications.

Contract superheroes- Masked villains! Caped crusaders! These jolly blokes are not doing the job for quite the reason people think they are.

How much do my parents love me?- Actually not a very funny question. In a world where abortion is legal until the age of eighteen, a seventeen year old is forced to seriously ask himself this question.

Video game vision- This spiffing young chap can see people’s character information up above their heads in real life!

Apocalypse cancelled- Governments have fallen? Gangs are controlling whole cities? The average man is at the mercy of vast corporations? Not if this team of scientists and religious leaders has anything to say about it!

With great knowledge comes great responsibility- A man is granted infinite knowledge, and gets more than he bargained for.

A lifetime of October 13th 2014- A man finds a rather unique way to spend an eternity in a time loop.

Immortality- You don’t want to live forever. No really, you don’t want to live forever.


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