Weird Stories

You know that uncle with the purple wizard hat? He’s pretty awesome. I wish I had an uncle with a purple wizard hat. That guy is probably an actual wizard. Just like your weird but awesome uncle, these stories don’t really fit in anywhere else.

A suspicious skype call- Something odd happens when a man is talking to his friend online

The ancient creatures are back- All the beasts of fantasy are now real

To awake from this coma you must complete this quest- A young man fights valiantly to escape his fate

World’s oldest man dies at 54- The world doesn’t react quite how you would expect

Best of luck, worst of timing- A young lady is blessed with amazing luck, but horrendous timing

An AI in a first person shooter becomes self aware while on a date with the player character- I love self-descriptive titles

Bless me father for I have sinned- A priest develops some forbidden feelings while hearing a young lady’s confession.

Ye olde prison letter- A man sends a letter to his beloved in debtor’s prison. Things look pretty grim.

Diary of a superhero- A superhero documents what a year behind the mask feels like. It’s not quite what you’d expect.

Love is experienced for the first time in a hundred years- That’s right. We’re dropping a bit of dystopian postulation up in here.

Man out of time short version- A serial killer survives an impossibly long sentence and is released back into the real world.

A single moment- Just a little peace of mind.

The best girl- Upon waking from a coma a man discovers he’s dating the best girl in the world. Or is he?

Going to Hell-It’s not so bad really.

The Choice- You know what? That title sounds really mysterious. I’m going to keep the mystery on this one.

An AI in a first person shooter becomes self aware during a date with the player character- Hey look! It’s another title that thinks it’s a description.





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