Published projects

Unhooked-In a world where everyone sleeps their lives away, someone decides to wake up.

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Free PDF download: Unhooked

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Letters To My Father- A time traveling daughter helps her father retroactively fix his marriage.

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Free PDF download: Letters To My Father

Free PDF download: The Shifter

Baby team six- The world’s first toddler special forces operative.

Free PDF download: Baby team six

Free PDF download: Into Her Past

Free PDF download: Be careful what you wish for

Free PDF download: Bite size uplifting stories

Free PDF download: More bite size uplifting stories

5 thoughts on “Published projects”

  1. This is a fantastic story! My only critique is when he’s talking with his family, it seems odd to review to the parents so formally, as well as having the sister mention “our two younger brothers.” I think you could have elaborated on how many were in the family in a few narrative lines instead and then referred to them by name or Mom & Dad for the parents. It just seems to disturb the flow of the story there. I definitely love this though and stayed up far later than I’d planned to read it through in it’s entirety! Thank you for giving me that good of a story.

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    1. Now that you mention it, there isn’t a head count for the family at any point. Glad to give you something worth staying up for! Thanks for reading it, and hope to see you next time :).


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