Welcome to the comedy page! Here are numerous stories that will make you snicker just loud enough that your coworkers will look at you funny and wonder if you’re working hard enough.

What wizards do when they’re bored- A wizard decides to recreate his favorite scene.

Every conversation has two sides- A sad phone call from an old friend? This is posted in comedies after all.

Perchance to fix a quick mistake- Time travel man, it ain’t what they make it out to be.

Kiss me ’cause I’m Irish- A man uses his smartphone and ridiculous fake accent to woo a bonny lass bound for the emerald isle.

Mischievous Protagonist- The narrator just cannot get the main character to behave.

Deus oops Machina- Mankind builds god out of a computer! It’s not quite what they expect.

Election of the gods- The greek pantheon goes Democratic, and holds elections. It goes about as well as anything else the Greek gods tried to do.

Aliens ignore us during first contact, talk to whales instead- Description? Why would you need a description of this story? I think the title speaks for itself. I’m actually rather proud of that title, but because I have to put something here I shall post a critique of the modern interpretation of the plight of the albino walrus. Oh wait, actually that would take up way too much space. Here’s the story.

A rom com?- Find out why there’s a question mark in that title.

Jerk aliens- Humanity has begun interstellar trade with aliens! The only problem is they have a very unusual method of negotiation.

Humanity invents the respawn point- The ultimate prank war ensues.

Good morning earth 623!- Nerds and artists are given superpowers based on imagination. It doesn’t end well.

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