The Best Girl

You wake up from a brief coma with amnesia and find out that the hottest, richest bachelorette in the country is your longtime girlfriend.

Audio version, complete with me trying to sound like a girl, can be found here:

“Wake up Neo.” A feminine voice whispers into my ear. I open my eyes and smile to myself, somebody knows one of my favorite movies. I look around see I’m in a hospital room. A hospital? That doesn’t make sense. The last thing I remember I was at Jason’s high school graduation party.

I see the source of the feminine voice, it’s a rather cute nurse whose leaning over me with some sort of flashlight. “Follow the light darlin’.” She tells me in an adorable southern accent. After a few medical diagnostic checks she sits down and starts asking me some questions.

That’s when the bad news starts. At first the questions are easy, thing about my early childhood, basic language testing. When they progress to middle school they get a little bit fussy. I remember my first crush and a surprising amount of history. Then comes high school and things get hard. That’s weird, I’m in high school, shouldn’t it be the easiest to remember?

The nurse doesn’t appear to notice and continues asking questions and smiling as if nothing is wrong. We get through freshman level questions, first basketball game, first dance. Then when we get to sophomore year of high school I can only remember a few bits and pieces, and most of my coursework is foggy to me. Finally we get to summer between Sophomore and Junior year, and I can’t remember anything else.

“Okay sweetie, how old do you think you are?” The nurse asks me.

“Well my birthday is in April, so sixteen right?” If I didn’t already know something was wrong by my foggy memory or the question ‘how old are you’ by someone who has my complete medical history, the fact that I’m only guessing at the answer is a dead giveaway.

“You’re 24.” The nurse informs me. She quickly produces a driver’s license to prove it.

“How?” Is all I can think to ask. She explains all about the accident to me, gently, and with a lot of sympathy.

“Thank you.” I tell her.

“your job has already informed us that they will take you back on as soon as your ready.” She smiles. “Thankfully, master artists don’t have to have really good memories.” She turns to leave.

“You know, you are handling this better than any amnesia patient I’ve ever had.” She tells me.

“Yeah?” I ask.

“Yeah.” She says. “It’s really inspiring.” There’s a pause where I start to feel a feeling in my gut that I don’t need to remember Junior year to recognize.

“Anyway, your girlfriend is here to see you. You are some lucky guy to be dating the richest hottest bachelorette in the country.” She informs me before turning on her heel and walking off.

“Yeah.” I say again, forcing myself to smile. My girlfriend comes in all smiles and enthusiasm, but I can’t help but keep glancing at the door to see when the nurse is going to come back.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually know how amnesia works so I’m sure there are some medical inaccuracies here.

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