First kiss redo

A girl is able to travel back in time to change her actions, until one day, something unexpected happens.

First kisses, you know they never seem to be quite what you think they will be. They’re either so light and so quick that you don’t feel it, or so sloppy and aggressive you feel like you’ve just been attacked by a giant frog. A girl’s first kiss should be something special, and mine had been the frog attack variety. I resolved to go back and change my first kiss with Tommy Jenkins to something magical.

Tommy and I hadn’t seen each other since high school. Ten years later I was getting ready to head back for the reunion, and it had reminded me of that night. I had kissed more guys since then, and intended to use that experience to resolve the problem.

I snap my fingers and we’re back on that ridge, sitting on his car. He’s just said something sweet and is leaning in for the kiss. I resolve to keep a firm grip on his lips with my own so that he can’t attack me with his tongue.

I close my eyes and lean in. Only instead of soft lips on mine, I feel a tongue licking the side of my face. I recoil, falling off the car, and staring up at the maniac. This isn’t how I remembered things.

“You jerk!” I shout.

“What?” He says with a wicked playful smile. “Did you think you were the only one?”

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