A question of eyes

“Dude, have you seen the new vision 4.2 patch? You can actually taste things you look at now!” Jason says to me, practically drooling as he says it.

“No man, you know I don’t go for that stuff.” I respond. We’re calmly taking a walk around the lake like we usually do after class gets out. It helps us relax. At least it used to, he’s been kind of off the wall since getting his enhancement suite installed.

“You should totally hop on board for this one mate. See that large oak tree over there?” He points to a towering white oak that stretches a hundred feet up and over fifty feet out.

“Yeah I see it. It’s kind of conspicuous man. I’ve been looking at it for about a minute now.” I kick a pebble on the path into the lake. He’s been going off about his updates pretty much every time we have a walk. At first I was happy for him. His ocular implants made for certain he would never have to have any kind of corrective lenses ever again. It was even cheap enough to be economical. Then somewhere around the 3.0 update it started to get out of control.

“You just see that tree, but man, I’m tasting some delicious peanuts right now.”

“Peanuts don’t grow on oak trees.” I inform him.

“I know that, but you can set it to whatever you want. You can even set it to random. I did that once. It made math class so interesting dude. Or that lake, tastes like shrimp. Those clouds? Ice cream.”

“I noticed you’re not looking at that tree anymore.” I tell him.

“What?” He says.

“The tree, you’re not looking at it. With all your enhanced vision, your telescopic retinas, your taste-o-vision, your multi-spectrum vision, that tree could not hold your attention for more than a few seconds. Yet I’ve been admiring it’s natural beauty for close on to three minutes now.”

“Are you hating on my technology man?” He asks.

“No, I think it’s marvelous technology, but the fact remains. Your technology has led you to be constantly updating, constantly experimenting, and constantly searching for new stimuli. You’re not happy unless there’s always something new. While I can look at a simple tree for hours. Tell me, which of is better off?”


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