Iroh’s inaugural address

“It is time to look, to start asking the big questions. Like who we are, and what do we want? We have two great and powerful parties, the democrats and the republicans, but they have become divided and lost balance with each other. We must remember that our brothers across the aisle are not our enemies, but our family. We are, after all, a Unite States, forged in the fires of war to have a fine edge and deadly purpose.

To restore balance to the parties I am enacting a new proposal. All senators and congressman must cast one vote to a bill sponsored by the opposing part for every three they cast to a bill sponsored by their own party. If things continue we will amend the proposal so that it is every two bills, and then every bill. If that is not sufficient, we will only allow bills sponsored by independent parties.

Now to address these lesser parties. For many years they have struggled under the weight of the two party system, with many wise and learned candidates failing to achieve election for lack of support. Therefore I will let the party chairman know that one half of all my parties funds will be distributed to these lesser parties, and I encourage my counterparts in the opposite party to do the same. I am showing weakness to you, my brothers in the other party, and will trust you to join me in aiding those of our brothers who are not so fortunate to have a strong supporting party.

We must not allow ourselves to slip into discord and despair, and surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.”

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