Unhooked update

Greetings everybody! I can see there are still a lot of people reading unhooked. I’m still working on it, and I thought I’d give you an update. A reader who is an editor in real life has volunteered to edit it. I’m almost finished with my second draft, and I’ll hand it over to him in the next couple of hours. After he has handed it back to me, I’ll do a third draft, and then I’m going to make it available in a couple different packages.

First, I’ll be publishing it to Amazon, so there will be a link where you can download it for free for the first five days it’s up. I’d like to make it free permanently, but as far as I can tell, that’s not an option. I will have the ability to make it free again periodically, which leads to the next option.

Second, once the Amazon version is no longer free, I’ll publish a PDF here, and link some instructions for you to send it to your kindle account, so you can read it that way.

Third, it will be published in its entirety here as well. I’ll open up a new page called published works where I’ll link to the fully edited story and all options for you to obtain it. I’ll edit the current publicly available version to make the reader aware a new version is available.

Fourth, for anyone who really wants a hard copy, if you send me a message with your address I can send a physical copy to you. I don’t anticipate many of these, so I’m not charging for them. If this turns into a popular option you can always make yourself a hard copy with the PDF, or I can look into a way for people to order hard copies on a more permanent basis. I can’t think of anywhere that will do that for free, so there will likely be some cost for this if a large number of people want a hard copy.

I think that about covers it. I will say again I am continually surprised and delighted to see so many people reading unhooked. It has truly humbled me to be a part of this, and I have been reminded at every step of the way, that I am only half responsible for this. Every one of you who has read this had made it your own, and whenever you tell me about your experience that is very clear to me. It’s almost like a new story, and I love hearing about what your experience was like. So thank you for reading, any questions, comments, concerns, or criticisms, let me know.

Cheers people!

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