Part time heroes

Superheroes and villains are paid hourly

“Captain flying brick you will never catch me!” The indestructible man shouted as he raced down an alley.

“Think again indestructible man!” Our hero retorts as he flies into the alley, readying his laser vision to trap the indestructible man.

To our hero’ surprise the indestructible man has dropped the bags of money he stole and is pointing fiercely at his watch. Our hero quickly checks his own. It’s 5:00, shift is up.

Our hero looks around and points to a storm drain. The indestructible man flashes him the OK symbol, and the two silently lift the man hole cover and drop through..

As the sound of sirens gets closer the captain shouts as loud as he can. “Oh no, not through the apartment complex, you dastardly fiend!” And then quickly covers the man hole behind him.

“Phew.” Indestructible man says as soon as the captain drops in behind him. “I thought we were going to have to have a climactic battle or something. I’m still sore from the last one.

“Indestructible indeed, you know I take that name as a challenge right?” The captain asked.

“Oh it was in the contract, don’t give me gripe.” Both were swapping out their costumes for street clothes that had been stored in some cached duffle bags. The city’s maintenance personnel were told to keep all storm drains stocked with them for the heroes. They didn’t know the villains used them too.

“You want to grab some wings?” The villain asked.

“Sure, I’ll pick up a paper so we can take a look at the crime rates while we’re at it.” The captain said.

“Great.” Indestructible replied. “I think my gang is up to about 120 people, so when you find my secret hideout and round them up we should see a couple percent drop.”

“You don’t think your henchmen will suspect something?” The captain asked.

“Nah, I’ll just have some incompetent people on guard duty. I’m sure they’ll start a fight or something that we can use as the excuse for you finding me.”

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