Best of luck, worst of timing

Ha! Pregnant on the first try! My husband and I had decided to try just this month, after waiting for two years, and on the very first try we nailed it. Pun not really intended. I jump up and down for joy. This is amazing. I’ve got to tell Susie right away.

I run down the stairs and hop into my car to pop over to Susie’s. I call my husband on the way over to gush over him. He’s just as ecstatic as I am. This is just in time to spread the good news to Susie. We shared everything together. We had met our spouses on a double first date. We had graduated college and went into the same field. Aside from my incredible luck we could practically be the same person. She only heard last week that she was pregnant. We could go shopping for oversized pregnant shirts together now!

I pull into her house and run inside. I have a key to her house so I don’t have to knock. She even recognizes my footsteps running up to her room so she doesn’t freak out when I see her. Susie does give me an inquisitive look when I burst into her office like a crazy person, but she sees the stick I’m waving and knows what’s going. Her face lights up like a Christmas tree, but then darkens like a storm cloud. She turns the screen towards me. “The sonogram came back negative. I’m not pregnant after all.” I feel like a terrible person. This happens all the time. It’s why I always carry plenty of dark chocolate in my purse, and always save some sick days from work so I can stay home and take care of a friend.

Side note: To any interested the character Matrim Cauthon has a similar power set from the wheel of time. Not so much the timing, but definitely the luck.

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