Happiness in human form

It’s a man deciding to use his lunch break to go have a meatball sub with that homeless guy at the intersection. It’s that older sibling who, instead of going out with his friends Friday night, goes home to help their younger sibling with their homework. It’s that friend who didn’t mention they got an ‘A’ on the test so they can comfort you for getting a ‘D’. It’s that guy in the capture the flag lobby who didn’t get mad at you for team killing him on accident. It’s that SO who skipped class and drove 8 hours overnight so they could make you breakfast before you took that life changing standardized test for college or graduate school. It’s that guy on the freeway who waved you over even though he was already late for work. It’s that coworker who kept silent so you could take responsibility for that big project that just wrapped. It’s that boss who remembered to give credit to you when the director came by. It’s that parent who spent years changing your diapers and feeding you, even though you cost them several hours of sleep every night. It’s that friend we all have who spends their weekends volunteering. It’s that classmate who sat with you at lunch instead of sitting with their friends so you didn’t have to be alone. It’s that stranger who asked if you were okay when you were having a bad day. It’s any and every time you gave something to someone else, without expecting anything back.

Now go be the human form of happiness.

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