Somebody told me recently they wished they could have an adventure. This was my response.

Then tarry not lad(or lass)! Wait not for father time to catch you up. Doest thou not know there are a hundred score adventures waiting for the seizing? Thou shouldst find an adventurous subreddit to slake thy thirst for danger and excitement./r/kayaking , /r/climbing ,/r/hiking , /r/caving , all are eagerly welcoming a bright young face to explore new worlds of suspense and courage. At the very least depart from your domicile and do not return until thou hast located a companion for your trips. Feed thee a homeless person, make ovations of a romantic nature to a maiden or prince, locate a hall of dance. Even harken unto a gameshop and find a compatriot willing to learn you in the table top arts. The means for making your blood race and your breath catch are as varied as the leaves of the forest, and equally high in number. You only need to have the courage to pursue them. For the chase of that which is held beyond our grasp is the real adventure, be it a book, a career, a relationship, a hobby, or a mountain filled with dragons and goblins. They are all adventures alike.

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