Publishing Letters To My Father, and future book projects

Hi all,

As I have repeatedly stated, I am ecstatic with letters to my father. It was an incredible experience to write, and an even more incredible experience to hear from all of you about it. This is the second project I have completed in two months, the first being ‘Unhooked’, and my new goal is to get both of these published. They will be self-published through Amazon, so how this is going to work, is I’ll continue to put out 4-5 short stories a week, and spend the majority of my time editing ‘Unhooked’ and ‘Letters To My Father’. Unhooked is much further along in the process, so probably on about November 22nd, I’ll publish that, and put a post about it here. Letters To My Father will follow on the 29th.

I am hoping to keep access to these two books as unrestricted as possible. They will be free for the first five days, and after that I’ll post a PDF here, with instructions for how to forward that to a kindle account.

In addition to the self-publishing of those two books, I am currently talking to an independent director about turning this into a movie! I’m super excited about this, and can’t wait to see it pan out. Kickstarter should be up in the next couple of weeks, and work should start some time in first couple of months of 2015. I’ll post information as soon as I have it, or you could go bug for more details. I will add he is the only director who is cleared to work on this.

So what about the next project or projects? Well, I already have another project that I’ve been working on that’s in the same spirit as Unhooked and Letters To My Father, but will be full industry length 70K words, instead of the 35K these are. This book I am hoping to publish through traditional routes. I will be working on that concurrently with the other two books, and will start soliciting agents(hopefully), by the end of November.

As for other shorter projects, I fully intend to keep doing more projects like Letters To My Father and Unhooked. I expect I’ll start another one in about a month or two. Unfortunately, I did injure my wrist getting out the last two projects so quickly, so the next project will have to be updated every 48 hours, instead of every 24 hours. For those interested in the full book projects only, just watch for something with part 1 in the title, those will be the book projects.

Alright, I think that’s it then. I’ve gotten some really moving messages from readers, so I’m going to go make sure I reply to all of you lovely people.

Until the next journey begins,


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