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To awake from this coma you must complete the quest

Respawn in 20 seconds

Okay, last time I tried the stealth approach to take out the forest guards before the caravan comes through. Hit the first two with my bow and arrow then went in with the knife for the chain combos. Chained up the first four, but the last one saw me before I could finish the combo. He called in the reinforcements, and I had taken too long setting everything before they came through.

Respawn in ten seconds

I had tried the run and gun approach several times, perfectly rehearsing my moves until it was practically muscle memory. Could never clean up all the reinforcements before they arrived. This was the eigth time I had tried the stealth approach. Maybe a combination?

Respawning now, remember, protect your family

Yeah yeah, protect your family, save the convoy. Well, might as well try the stealth approach one more time.

Climb the rock, swing over three trees so I can get the perfect angle. Count to twelve so the guards line up properly….. Now. Gotta make this quick, shot one, shot two, downward strike against the guy with his back turn, chain two kills forward, throw the knife. Dang, the fifth guy saw me. Taking him down with the bow, but he’s already blown the horn, and the reinforcement will get to the caravan before I can.

Nope, this is definitely not the way to do it. Might as well take a look around. I haven’t scouted the map much, and there could be a hidden item or something.

“Help…Me” One of the downed guards says. It’s the one with the horn. Must’ve only wounded him. The guards would say this if you only downed them. I never paid it any mine.

“It won’t matter. Once your buddies finish with the caravan everyone will respawn anyway.”

“Help…Me.” The guard asks again.

“Seriously, give it like twenty seconds. I can already hear them ambushing the caravan now.”


“Fine, what the heck, this should be interesting.” I walk over, lift up his mask, and to my horror, see my little brother’s face staring back at him.

“Help…Me…He won’t wake up.”


“Call an ambulance, he’s not coming around. Somebody please help me.”

“I back peddle, dropping the helmet.” I haven’t been attacking my enemies this whole time. I’ve been attacking my allies, and…and they were somehow family?


Respawning in 20 seconds

How? How was this possible. Where had he come from? Why was my little brother in my….dream? No this couldn’t be a dream. It had gone on for far too long and I remembered way too much. I didn’t have dreams like this.

Respawning in 10 seconds

What had he said after help me? He had said something about an ambulance. Then it hit me. This wasn’t a dream.

Respawning now, remember, protect your family

I had it wrong. My family wasn’t the convoy. My family was the guards.

I run into the middle of the road and start shouting orders.

“You with the horn, call for reinforcements. You three swordsmen with me, archers, up into those trees, they have a nice angle. We’ve got about forty seconds before the convoy shows up.

I look into the eyes of the swordsmen as they line up alongside me.

“Is he going to make it?” I recognize the far left one as my sister.

“We’ll get him to the hospital as soon as we can.” The two men on the far left echo simultaneously.

“Let us come with you!” One of the archers calls from the trees.

“You’ll have to meet us there.” One of the other archers calls back. I block out the rest. I can’t stand to hear my family worrying over me. They’re probably at my bedside right now.

“Convoy in range, arm fire arrows!” I call to the archers. I can see the reinforcements taking positions to ambush behind the bushes.

“Loose!” I call. Arrows tipped with flaming coals fly into the wooden wagons, forcing the pikemen onto the exposed path.

“Hold your positions, wait for the archers to draw them to us.” I call to my small force.

Sure enough, a few spearmen downed to arrows later, and they’re giving up their defensive spears for offensive shortswords.

“Now!” I call to the reinforcements, and we have them in a circle formation in the blink of an eye. Like cornered dogs they lunge at us, and like a well trained pack of wolves we bring them down one by one, until no one is standing.

Everything is dark, then very white.

“Remember protect your family.” I hear a video game announcer declare.

“You still playing that one level.” I hear an older male voice ask.

“It was his favorite, besides I never beat it.” A younger voice replies.

“Yeah, because you’re going about it wrong.” I sit up, telling my younger brother. “Here, give me the controller and let your older brother show you how it’s done.”

A neural parasite begs for its life

What? I thought to myself. That’s not what I sound like in my own head.

I said, please don’t let them kill me. The voice was young and innocent, like a child asking their mom to please buy them some ice cream.

Hello? I ask. Not being able to think of anything more clever to say to a disembodied voice.

You can hear me? Oh that’s great. I just got the eyes and ears working when the big men in white coats told you about me. Please don’t let them kill me.

Well, um, that’s, that’s very odd. I’m sorry, who are you exactly? I wasn’t about to make any deals with something I didn’t know anything about. For all I knew this was some sort of psychosis caused by the parasite, and I was talking to myself right now.

My name is Tim. I’ve only been in here for a few minutes and I really don’t want to leave.

Thank you for telling me Tim, but that really barely scratches the surface of the questions I’ve got. I assume you’re the parasite? How one Earth can you talk?

I’m not entirely sure. And I guess I’m not really Tim, I’m a vessel for him.

This was taking a turn for the even weirder. A vessel? I’m sorry Tim but that doesn’t help me. A vessel for what?

A vessel for the boy in a coma in the next ward. He’s only got nine months to live and he wanted to have one last look at life. You’ve got a wife, kids, a nice home, a stable job, all of the things that Tim wanted out of life. So an angel heard his last wish, and allowed him to spend his last nine months inside you. I’m the vessel for his consciousness. You have a choice in the matter. That’s why I’m a parasite. If you don’t want this you can get rid of me. But please don’t let them kill me nice man. If you do, my consciousness will return to my own body. I don’t want to spend nine months in the dark.

The doctors were coming back with the anesthesia now. I thought about how ridiculous this all was. There was no way I could be sure that this was real. It certainly sounded completely ridiculous to me. And even if it is real, how do I know this ‘vessel’ or whatever, wasn’t going to do permanent damage to me.

Then I looked over into the next ward, and saw a kid on a ventilator. On the door to his room, the sign said ‘Tim’. I noticed he didn’t have any friends or family waiting with him, even though it was time for visiting hours, and during the holiday season too.

Of course Tim. You can stay as long as you like.

Alone in the dark

Good day at work, lots accomplished. Time to switch off the light and go to bed. Now just need to lay my head down on my….. Where’s the bed? I know my room like the back of my hand. I could sketch it with my eyes closed. Where’s the bed? Better turn on the light to find it. Must’ve moved it and forgot or something.

Where’s the light? Where’s the light? Come on, just find the light. I swear that wall was right here a second ago. Yes, definitely here, why can’t I feel it anymore? Why aren’t there any walls? I can’t have fallen somewhere or else there would’ve been a drop.

Have I been drugged? I better sit down. I’m going to hit something walking about like this. I haven’t drunk much today, how could I be drugged? If it is a drug, am I hallucinating? Have I just been stumbling blindly around the house looking for my bed. I hope I haven’t hurt myself. Can I be sure I’m actually sitting down now? Maybe my brain is too messed up to tell. Maybe I’m sprawled out at the bottom of the stairs.

Why is there no light? My house isn’t this dark. There should be moonlight or starlight through some of the windows. There’s almost nowhere I know that’s this dark. It’s like someone just turned all the worlds lights out and just left me here in this barren lightless wasteland.

Is there anyway out? How am I going to escape this? What if I try yelling? Even if my brain is too messed up to make coherent words somebody should find me and help me.

Why isn’t anybody coming? I have neighbors, they have to be hearing this yelling. I’ve got to have woken up half the neighborhood by now. Does no one know what’s going on with me? I’ve got friends. I swear I do. Can’t somebody somewhere just show me this is going to be alright, that this is going to end.

Where’s the light? Where’s the light? Let me get up and try to find it again.

Now I can’t even get up. I can’t feel my legs or my body. I don’t know if I’m numb or completely immobile, or both. Help, just somebody help.

Wait, things are getting lighter. Yes, things are getting lighter. I can’t see anything yet, but there’s a shift from black to just dark grey.

There’s nothing here. It’s almost normal room levels of light now and I can’t see anything. I can’t even see me. Do I have a body? Where is this? It’s getting midday in full view of the sun bright now, and there’s a dull rumbling sound, like hearing people talk underwater from a great distance.

It’s almost painfully bright now, like someone shining a light in your face. The sounds are getting louder. They are voices! I can start to make something out now. What’s that? It sounds like….

“Doctor! Doctor! Somebody come quick, he’s waking up!”

“I’m here, somebody call the rest of the family. He’s been under six months and he’s finally coming around.”

My eyes flutter open and I see the bright light is a hospital light shining directly in my face, and the voice was that of my mother, calling me back.

“You’ve been under six months.” She tells me. “You hit your head going to bed, and have been lying here for six months.”

“How long have you been waiting here for me to come back?” I ask my mother.

She smiles. “Six months.”